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Books for 'Older' Readers

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Because we never stop reading...

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"Fast-moving with sharply realized characters and a well-crafted plot, 'Death of a Scam Artist' is a thoroughly entertaining read."  

Edgar Rex Burns

"Poppy's Seed is a wonderfully refreshing new read to me. It's so rare to read a book about retiring couples. It can be a really difficult time and this comes across in the book. You are transported to their home in Lyme Regis and it's very hard to put the book down and leave!"  

Hannah Brooker

Author Profile Author Profile Susan

"This is a hauntingly tragic, yet very sympathetic novel populated with characters who the reader will come to care about and cheer for. The human emotion is conveyed so precisely, this really is a wonderfully observed story. I loved it and would recommend it highly."

Anne Cater

Author Profile Resist

"...well crafted and details never go astray....That it is based on a series of actual happenings makes it all the more eye-opening. It is a grand portrayal of small village life, the goings-on of generations ago that still affect the living as if they happened yesterday."

Discovering Diamonds




I enjoyed the way Joan Fallon brought Nancy's dementia to life, dementia which Nancy sometimes used to her advantage. This was described with real, psychological insight. Joan Fallon also captured the art world authentically. I liked her insights about art, such as "All art is open to communication, but what the artist trying to convey is not necessarily what the viewer is seeing." 

Barbara M Webb


Author Profile Author Profile Tuscan

 "Read Tuscan Roots and you will not want to leave the romantic beauty of 'indigo blue mountains' or the ruins of Il Mulino (The Mill). You will be impressed with the bravery of the Italian community during the war, and you will not want to leave the blossoming romance. I highly recommend this book."

Books in Handbag


Author Profile wonderful

" I recommend this story ... especially for anyone thinking of changing gear in life."

Rula Lenska.

Author Profile Ginger

"A lovely, witty slice of middle class English life."

Sally Hamilton, The Mail on Sunday

Author Profile Last Day

"A heartrending situation, beautiful writing and unforgettably vivid characters"

Tracy Rees

Misha Author Profile

“Picking up the Pieces is a lovely story of friendship which I am sure many readers will relate to. With very real characters, whom I easily warmed to, I soon found myself immersed in their story, almost as if I was a fourth friend sharing their troubles with them and cheering them on as they moved on to happier times and a successful future ahead of them. I am more than happy to recommend."

Kerry Parsons: Chat About Books 

Author Profile Pride
Grace's Turmoil (4)

".......The opening scene really pulled me into the book and from that point I was spellbound. I hadn’t expected the relationships between mature characters to be so intense and physical, but it was beautifully written and believable......"


Author Profile Guesthouse Pann

"I loved every single page of this book and didn't want the story to end. It had me hooked from start to finish, had me giggling on the bus (rather embarrassing). It is one of those warm, cosy books that needs coffee and croissants."

The Reading Shed


Author Profile

"I laughed out loud at some of Pandora's antics and felt waves of empathy at other times. We are now kindred spirits and she shall be forever 'the sister from another mister' I always wanted."

Jules Rathbone


"A wonderfully vivid portrait of how a headstrong girl grows into a wry, steely and impassioned woman, carves a path for herself through tumultuous times, and changes the course of history in the process."

Professor Alec Ryrie

"The writing itself is beautiful, witty, and considered. I felt at times that every word had been weighed. Ms. Ehrhardt has created characters of rare power and beauty, whose natures result in relationships of living, breathing complexity."

D R Rose

Author Profile