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Because we never stop reading...

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“The writing, as ever, is superb. There’s darkness and light, humour and tears, characters you grow to love and a strong narrative.”

Being Anne

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"A great book with characters who are very engaging. Plenty of twists and turns in the plot made me not want to put the book down. I think this could be the start of a fabulous new series and I am looking forward to the next book."


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"A fabulous new-to-me author and mystery. The characters of Harriet and Sam are delightful and very convincing. It reminded me of Hazel Holt's Sheila Malory crime mysteries only Harriet is sharper and the feel is less cosy. I enjoyed the convalescent home setting - unusual but utterly believable. Nevertheless a great "comfort" read with great characters."


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"A fascinating story of historical fiction, a spiritual thriller you won't want to put down! The middle aged heroines, Stella and Maggie, take you on a wild ride-- one that is filled with intriguing elements of history and fashion, culminating in a collective worldwide sisterhood movement towards global peace."

Barb Holmes

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"This is a gorgeous book: full of luscious writing, intriguing characters, fabulous large stories, that will warm your heart, arise your ire, and perhaps produce a tear or two, or much more. Highly recommended."

Leigh Podgorski

Author Profile The Place
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"Really enjoyed this contemporary novel. Likeable and relatable characters tell the story of a blended family and explore the impact and the collateral damage that post-natal depression can bring. The story has a great pace and is at times a page turner."

Lee Perry

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Human T
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"I started reading Gold Plated at

7 am this morning and finished it late this evening. First book I’ve read from beginning to end in a single day in quite some time. I simply had to devour it!!! Thank you for an exquisitely entertaining read! A beautiful treatment of love, betrayal, and resolve where self-love triumphs ultimately."

Amazon Reviewer

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"This is a story of family, war, hope, despair and love. It has been written in such a way as to keep me avidly turning the pages as I was transported into Mary’s life. A book that I would highly recommend to readers who enjoy historical, family saga, WWII setting and general fiction."

Yvonne Me and Books

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"You don’t have to be a fan of Barbara Pym or Monica Dickens to love this novel – though the blurb on the back helpfully reminds you that it is written in the tradition of these two great English novelists."

Bunny Durbin

Author Profile Gravity
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“A beautiful story about art, true love, loss and regret – Connectedness is an absolutely engrossing story and one that I highly recommend!”

Ellen Devonport, Bibliophile Book Club

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"A cleverly crafted romantic mystery tale with well rounded characters, telling of youth, old age, life, death and several murky ingredients in between. It kept me on tenterhooks right to the end."

Jane Bwye

Author Profile Dulwich
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"Murderously good fun"

TP Fielden

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"It is so refreshing to read a novel about men and women in mid-life, to whom you can relate, who are dealing with work, upheaval, marriage break-ups, family secrets ... Just because you are in your 50s, it does not mean that you cannot start again, make new friends and find love."

Over the Hilda