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Vicky Adin

Toni Bunnell

Toni Bunnell is a singer-songwriter, musician, broadcaster, hedgehog rehabilitator and a wildlife biologist with a PhD in polecat behaviour.  She has run York Hedgehog Rescue for 27 years. In 2017 she was awarded an Animal Action Award by IFAWUK for outstanding achievement in the field of hedgehog care and conservation.

Toni has been writing songs since the age of 10, accompanying them on guitar, bouzouki, Appalachian dulcimer, hurdy gurdy and fiddle. She has recorded six CDs of original songs and has been booked to perform in folk clubs and festivals in the UK and Germany, as well as television and radio broadcasts. She lectured at Hull University for 16 years and has appeared many times on television including Love Your Garden, Countryfile and, in June 2015, The One Show.

Toni spent five years running music therapy sessions for people with learning difficulties, resulting in the traditionally published book: Music Makes a Difference. She has self-published eight novels as paperbacks, and two non-fiction books about hedgehogs.



More Author Profiles

Merryn worked for many years as a university lecturer and between job, family and pets, there was little time to write. But when the pressures eased, she grabbed the chance to do something she’d always promised herself – to write a novel. Under the name of Isabelle Goddard, she published six Regency romances, but in 2013 adopted a new writing name – Merryn Allingham - and a new genre. The Daisy’s War trilogy, set in India and London during the 1930s and 40s, was the result. Her latest books explore two pivotal moments in the history of Britain. The Buttonmaker’s Daughter is set in Sussex in the summer of 1914 as the First World War looms ever nearer and its sequel, The Secret of Summerhayes, thirty years later in the summer of 1944 when D Day led to eventual victory in the Second World War.



Merryn Allingham


Kate Blackadder was born in the Scottish Highlands but now lives in Edinburgh. She has had around 60 stories plus three serials published in women's magazines. Her first novel Stella’s Christmas Wish is published by Black & White.



Kate Blackadder

Kate Blackadder


Margaret Skea was born in Ulster and grew up through the ‘Troubles’ but now lives with her husband in the Scottish Borders. An Hawthornden fellow and award-winning short story writer - credits include Neil Gunn, Winchester, Mslexia and Fish - her first novel, Turn of the Tide, set in 16th century Scotland, won the historical fiction section in the Harper Collins / Alan Titchmarsh Competition for an unpublished novel and subsequently, the Beryl Bainbridge Award for Best First Time Novelist 2014. The sequel, A House Divided, was long-listed for the Historical Novel Society New Novel Award 2016.

In Katharina: Deliverance she tells the story of Katharina von Bora, the escaped nun who became the wife of Martin Luther.





Margaret Skea


Chloe Banks lives in Devon with her husband and two young sons. She started writing for a teenage dare and accidentally forgot to stop. Her short stories have won a handful of prizes and her debut novel The Art of Letting Go was published by Thistle Publishing in 2014. When not trying to get words or children to behave she can be found walking on the moor or eating pudding.



Chloe Banks

Anne Stenhouse writes dialogue rich  historical romance with humour and a touch of thematic mystery. Having written several one-act plays, Anne enjoys creating a 'scene' and loves the snap of dialogue in the battle of the sexes. She has written serials for People's Friend, short stories and short non-fiction.




Anne S

Anne Stenhouse

L G Dickson retired in 2015 after a thirty plus year career in government as a policy adviser/ speechwriter. She joined Skriva writing school in Edinburgh shortly afterwards and published her first novel The Confirmation with Matador in 2017. She loves all things literary, particularly books that reference her home city. Muriel Spark and Alexander McCall Smith are favourite authors and she loves Persephone books !


L G Dickson

Jacqueline Farrell lives in the North West of England where she works part-time as a teacher of English. She has been writing since the age of eighteen, but her first book – a historical romance - was published at the age of 45. She has since had five books published, by traditional publishers, e-book publishers and by self-publishing. Two of her books are historical romances, three are paranormal romances and she is currently working on a trilogy of alternative fiction books, set in the modern day but where the Roman Empire never fell and slaves, gladiators and circuses still exist alongside computers and cars.'



Jacqueline Farrell

Multi-award winning historical fiction author, Vicky Adin is a genealogist in love with history and words. After decades of research Vicky has combined her skills to weave family and history stories together in a way that brings the past to life, in a similar vein to the stories by Catherine Cookson. Fascinated by the 19th Century women who undertook hazardous journeys to find a better life, Vicky draws her characters from real life stories: characters such as Brigid, the Irish lacemaker and Gwenna, the Welsh confectioner, or Megan who discovers much about herself when she traces her family tree in The Cornish Knot. Vicky Adin holds a MA(Hons) in English and Education. She is an avid reader of historical novels, family sagas and contemporary women’s stories and enjoys travelling.



Carolyn has been a psychologist, a paramedic, a proof reader, a patisseur and several other things, not all of them beginning with P. She began writing the day she decided to try and see the world...doing both just to find out if she could. When excerpts from her first travelogue were published by the Rough Guides she decided to keep on doing both. It made a change from teaching CPR to nightclub bouncers and designing wedding cakes.Carolyn maintains that she is either multi-faceted or easily bored, depending on who is enquiring. She has taken a break from writing about being a Brit in North America since Queenie, Carolyn's first fictional

character, popped into her head and accidentally became a trilogy.


Carolyn Steele

Karen Musser Nortman began writing the Frannie Shoemaker Campground mysteries after 22 years of teaching and 18 years in test development for ACT. In 2014, she started The Time Travel Trailer series about a vintage camper trailer that turns out to be a time portal. Her books have been designated IndieBRAGMedallion honorees, Chanticleer CLUE award finalists, and a First-in-Category winner in the Chanticleer Paranormal 2015 Awards. She is an avid reader, camper, gardener, and scrapbooker, as well as a volunteer in numerous community activities. She has three children, eight grandchildren, and one great-granddaughter.re ...


Karen Musser Nortman

Ann Richardson has been a writer for many years. She is fascinated by other people’s thoughts, experiences and emotions and loves to write books where they can express their views from the heart and in their own words. She writes on different subjects that capture her interest, intended for a general audience. Ann previously worked as a self-employed researcher and writer in the areas of health and social care, preparing books, reports and articles for professionals in these fields.  American by birth, Ann lives in London, England, with her English husband. She has two children, also living in London, and two grandsons.


Anne R

Ann Richardson

Linda was born in a tiny town in west Texas. After a life in and around the Dallas, Texas and Tampa, Florida areas, she retired to another tiny town in east Texas. She describes herself as a life-begins-at-50-girl. She received her Bachelor’s Degree at 51, found new love at 52, learned to ride a motorcycle at 56, and published her first book after she began collecting Social Security. After years as a family caregiver, Linda began to write as a way of helping herself and others deal with the pain and frustration of their tasks. A Long and Winding Road, her first memoir about Alzheimer’s caregiving and life on the road in a motor home, was published in 2014. A follow up memoir called Mom’s Long Good-Bye will be released in July, 2018. Now that her parents are eternally healed, she writes for a local newspaper about life in the country, her feral Kitty, and her amazingly patient husband David. She has also ventured into fiction. Tatia’s Tattoo, a Christian novel about sex trafficking in small-town America, will be released in July, 2018...


Linda Brendle